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CJ Online focuses on books, including: Book Reviews; Lists of Books Received; and Textbook Announcements and Reviews. It also occasionally sends out messages of general interest to CAMWS members. CJ Online overlaps with but does not duplicate the contents of the print version of the journal. Membership in CAMWS automatically includes a subscription to The Classical Journal) and to CJ On-Line Reviews, but membership is not required to receive CJ Online. To subscribe as a non-CAMWS member, please see below.

CJ Online Book Reviews review a wider range of books, and in a more timely fashion, than is possible for the hard-copy portion of the journal. Although some reviews published in the hard-copy portion of the journal are also distributed via CJ Online, many other reviews will be CJ Online exclusives. The latter will be archived with other reviews, and should be cited in the form (e.g.) CJ Online 2009.03.06.

Following a decision of the Executive Committee of CAMWS in 2011, "Books Received" no longer appears in the print version of CJ, but is distributed via the CJ List-Serve every month and also appears here. Some of these books will already have been designated for review, while others will not. Qualified reviewers are encouraged to indicate their interest in reviewing a book by e-mailing Sergio Yona, the Book Review Editor, at

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