Copyright Policy

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South owns the copyright to all material published in The Classical Journal.

If authors wish to republish their article or review under their own name or in a collection of their own works through a different publisher, or to reproduce their article or review for use by students, they may do so without obtaining permission, provided that they appropriately cite the issue of The Classical Journal in which the article or review first appeared.

Authors are also permitted to post an unformatted version of the final submitted draft of their contribution on their personal website, in their institution's repository, or on another non-commercial site, with appropriate citation. They are not permitted to post a pdf of the final published version of the article or review, but they are encouraged to include a link to the final pdf, whether on JSTOR or on the journal's website.

Under all other circumstances permission to republish material published in The Classical Journal should be requested through the Copyright Clearance Center.