CJ welcomes submissions consisting of academic articles, and sometimes notes, on Graeco-Roman antiquity, generally with a literary, historical or cultural focus. Its language of publication is English. There is no absolute maximum or minimum length, but editorial expectations will normally include the shortening of contributions determined to be excessively wordy; generally speaking, articles should not run longer than about thirty pages double spaced. The submissions do not need to be formatted before acceptance for publication.

All submissions to The Classical Journal are double-blind-refereed (i.e. readers do not know the identity of authors and vice-versa); the refereeing process generally takes about three months from the date of initial submission, but is of course dependent upon the efficiency of reviewers. Thereafter, date of publication is determined by chronology, but also by the need to produce four balanced quarterly issues. The publication queue is often about a year long. Submissions by undergraduates are discouraged; MA-level graduate student submissions will only be considered with the support of a supervisor​.

All submissions should be sent electronically to Authors should remove all references within the text that might identify them to referees; this is the author's responsibility rather than the editor's. Failure to remove such references may compromise the refereeing process, and require that the piece be re-refereed (or simply rejected). References removed for submission may be reinserted in final copy. All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract of about 100 words, to be used as part of the process of identifying and recruiting referees.

It is the policy of Classical Journal not to review papers that have been published elsewhere or that are being evaluated for publication elsewhere; in addition, a paper may not be submitted elsewhere so long as it is under consideration by CJ. Submission to CJ indicates your compliance with these guidelines.

Final copy of all work accepted for publication must be formatted to CJ standards.
Guidelines for Preparation of Final Copy for The Classical Journal

Please use the CJ article template in order to aid you in formatting your article properly.

For sage advice on the publication process (intended especially for first-time authors), please consult

Open Access Policy for CJ authors: CJ Authors have the following nonexclusive rights: (1) to use the Article in their own teaching activities; (2) to publish the Article, or permit its publication, as a part of any book the author may write or edit; (3) to include the Article in the author's own personal or departmental institutional database or on-line site; (4) to include the Article in the author's institutional repository provided the repository is institution specific and not a discipline-based database that accepts contributions from outside the institution; (5) to include the Article, if required by law or by the author's employer, in an open access archive such as PubMedCentral. All on-line posting uses (3, 4, 5) are granted for the final manuscript version of the Article only, not the final published version in any format, including PDF. For all rights granted in this paragraph the author is to credit CAMWS as publisher and the copyright holder.