Forum Submission Guidelines

The current Forum Editor for The Classical Journal is Bartolo Natoli of Randolph-Macon College. He may be contacted at

Forum is a peer-reviewed journal published as a section of The Classical Journal, which welcomes submissions consisting of previously unpublished articles, and sometimes notes, on various aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity as they are presented in the classroom. Its language of publication is English. There is no absolute maximum or minimum length, but the editor will shorten contributions he deems excessively wordy. All submissions to The Classical Journal Forum are double-blind-refereed (i.e. readers do not know the identity of authors and vice-versa) by the Editorial Board; the refereeing process generally takes three months from the date of initial submission, but is of course dependent upon the efficiency of reviewers. Forum strongly encourages submissions by secondary instructors and PhD-level graduate students. While we envision a broad range of submissions, articles of the following kinds are especially welcome:

  1. Articles pitched at a fairly introductory, hands-on level about specific topics. These might include articles likely to be useful to newer teachers, but could also treat technical details, or subjects outside the areas of expertise of many);
  2. Articles which explicate the use of new methodologies, technologies, etc., in the non-language classroom. These should include case-studies, with recommendations backed up by actual classroom practice;
  3. Theoretical pieces engaging with broader aspects of antiquity, though still set in a classroom framework;
  4. Articles which connect subject areas tangentially related to classics and/or non-classroom related activities to the Classical world, including such topics as aspects of administration as they interact with Classics and language departments;
  5. Reviews and or review discussions about new published and virtual materials (or larger trends in kinds of materials used in the classroom. Here we have a strong preference for reviewers who have used the materials in a classroom setting;
  6. Please note that articles explicitly engaging with language teaching are more suitable for Forum’s sister journal, Teaching Classical Languages,. We are, however, willing to consider articles about the administrative side of the language curriculum (e.g. assessment, grading, program development, etc.).