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The Classical Journal (ISSN 0009-8353) is published by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), the largest regional classics association in the United States and Canada, and is now over a century old. All members of CAMWS receive the journal as a benefit of membership; non-member and library subscriptions are also available. CJ appears four times a year (October-November, December-January, February-March, April-May); each issue consists of 128 pages.

CJ publishes original articles on Graeco-Roman antiquity, generally with a literary, historical or cultural focus; paedagogical articles and notes, many having to do with the challenges of teaching Latin and Greek in modern high schools, colleges and universities; select book reviews. In addition, CJ generally publishes the annual CAMWS Presidential Address and the year's Ovationes. All abstracts are posted here. PDF versions of a number of Forum articles are also available for downloading.

NOTA BENE: CAMWS members who have ELECTRONIC subscriptions will now need to use this link to access the current year issue (118) of The Classical Journal.  

CJ-Online, the journal's list-serve, publishes book reviews, including many that do not appear in the hard-copy portion of the journal. All reviews published in CJ-Online are archived. CJ-Online subscriptions are free, and membership in CAMWS is not required to receive the postings or to publish reviews.

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The current Editor of The Classical Journal is Georgia Irby (cjeditor@camws.org).
The Forum Editor is Bartolo Natoli (cjforum@camws.org).
The Book Review Editor is Sergio Yona (cjrevieweditor@camws.org).
T. Davina McClain (camwsst@gmail.com), the Secretary-Treasurer of CAMWS, is Business Manager of The Classical Journal.

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