Classical Journal 2007 Online Book Reviews Archive

BLAKELY, Myth, Ritual, and Metallurgy in Ancient Greece and Africa.

Review by Stephanie Larson: CJ Online 2007.12.01 [orig. CJ 103.3 (2008): 309–11]

SNODGRASS, Archaeology and the Emergence of Greece

Review by Carol G. Thomas: CJ Online 2007.12.01 [orig. CJ 103.3 (2008): 307–09]

UZZI, Children in the Visual Arts of Imperial Rome

Review by Beth Severy-Hoven: CJ Online 2007.11.04 [orig. CJ 103.2 (2007–08): 210–13]

BETANCOURT, The Chrysokamino Metallurgy Workshop and its Territory

Review by Athena Hadji: CJ Online Exclusive 2007.11.03

NAIDEN, Ancient Supplication

Review by David Konstan: CJ Online 2007.11.02 [orig. CJ 103.2 (2007–08): 207–10]

CARNEY, Olympias, Mother of Alexander the Great

Review by Michael D. Dixon: CJ Online Exclusive 2007.11.01

SMITH and TRZASKOMA, trs. Apollodorus’ Library and
Hyginus’ Fabulae: Two Handbooks of Greek Mythology.

Review by Paul Properzio: CJ Online Exclusive 2007.10.04 [incorrectly posted as 2007.10.94]

BURNETT, Pindar's Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina

Review by Thomas K. Hubbard: CJ Online 2007.10.03 [orig. CJ 103.2 (2007–08): 205–7]

CURRIE, Pindar and the Cult of Heroes

Review by Jennifer Larson: CJ Online 2007.10.02 [orig. CJ 103.2 (2007–08): 201–4]

KÖNIG, Athletics and Literature in the Roman Empire; and NEWBY, Greek
Athletics in the Roman World: Victory and Virtue

Review by Donald G. Kyle: CJ Online 2007.10.01 [orig. CJ 103.1 (2007): 107–13]

ROLLER, Dining Posture in Ancient Rome: Bodies, Values, and Status.

Review by John F. Donahue: CJ Online 2007.09.03 [orig. CJ 103.1 (2007): 112–14]

GINSBURG, Representing Agrippina

Review by Kathryn Williams: CJ Online 2007.09.02 [orig. CJ 103.1 (2007): 116–19]

CAWKWELL, The Greek Wars: The Failure of Persia

Review by John Marincola: CJ Online 2007.09.01 [orig. CJ 103.1 (2007): 99–101]

GOLDBERG, Constructing Literature in the Roman Republic: Poetry and its

Review by Monica Gale: CJ Online 2007.08.01 [orig. CJ 103.1 (2007): 113–16]

OBER, Athenian Legacies
Review by Andrew Wolpert: CJ Online 2007.07.01 [orig. CJ 103.1 (2007): 101–3]

FULKERSON, The Ovidian Heroine as Author
Review by Sarah H. Lindheim: CJ Online 2007.06.01 [correction of orig. CJ 102.4 (2007): 391–4]

LLOYD-JONES, ed., Supplementum Supplementi Hellenistici
Review by S. Douglas Olson: CJ Online Exclusive 2007.06.01

WISEMAN, The Myths of Rome
Review by Thomas Habinek: CJ Online 2007.05.02 [orig. CJ 102.4 (2007): 396–9]

HEATHER, A New History of Rome and the Barbarians
Review by Peter S. Wells: CJ Online 2007.05.01 [orig. CJ 102.4 (2007): 396–9]