Classical Journal 2010 Online Book Reviews Archive

MITCHELL and RUBINSTEIN, eds., Greek History and Epigraphy: Essays in Honour of P.J. Rhodes

+Review by Catherine M. Keesling: CJ Online 2010.04.02

KALDELLIS, The Christian Parthenon: Classicism and Pilgrimage in Byzantine Athens

+Review by E.A. Fisher: CJ Online 2010.04.01

THOMPSON, The Visigoths in the Time of Ulfila

+Review by J.F. Drinkwater: CJ Online 2010.03.05

DIMITROVA, Theoroi and Initiates in Samothrace. The Epigraphical Evidence

+Review by D. Graninger: CJ Online 2010.03.04

MORRIS, SCHEIDEL, The Dynamics of Ancient Empires: State Power from Assyria to Byzantium

+Review by Clive Foss: CJ Online 2010.03.03


+Review by Michael Shaw: CJ Forum Online 2010.03.02

VLASSOPOULOS, Unthinking the Greek Polis: Ancient Greek History Beyond Eurocentrism

+Review by David Grant Smith: CJ Online 2010.03.01

MAGUIRE, Helen of Troy: From Homer to Hollywood

+Review by Kirsten Day: CJ Online 2010.02.02

NETZ, Ludic Proof: Greek Mathematics and the Alexandrian Aesthetic

+Review by Georgia L. Irby-Massie: CJ Online 2010.02.01

RICHARDSON, The Language of Empire: Rome and the Idea of Empire from the Third Century BC to the Second Century AD

+Review by Fred K. Drogula: CJ Online 2010.01.04

MURGATROYD, Apuleius Metamorphoses: An Intermediate Latin Reader

+Review by Akihiko Watanabe: CJ Online 2010.01.03

WRIGHT, Euripides: Orestes

+Review by Robert Holschuh Simmons: CJ Online 2010.01.02

PARKER, The Making of Roman India

+Review by Paul Properzio: CJ Online 2010.01.01