Classical Journal 2013 Online Book Reviews Archive

2013.12.07 Elton Barker and Joel Christensen, Homer: A Beginner's Guide
+Review by Rudolph Masciantonio

2013.12.07 Ahuvia Kahane, Homer: A Guide for the Perplexed
+Review by Rudolph Masciantonio

2013.12.06 Can Bilsel, Antiquity on Display: Regimes of the Authentic in Berlin's Pergamon Museum
+Review by Lydia Tjapkes-Langerwerf

2013.12.05 Jeffrey Brodd and Jonathan L. Reed, Rome and Religion: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue on the Imperial Cult
+Review by Roberta Stewart

2013.12.04 Bernd Steinbock, Social Memory in Athenian Public Discourse: Uses and Meaning of the Past
+Review by Frances Pownall

2013.12.03 Donald Lateiner, Barbara K. Gold, and Judith Perkins, Roman Literature, Gender and Reception
+Review by Judith Lynn Sebesta

2013.12.02 Evan Hayes and Stephen Nimis, Lucian's On the Syrian Goddess: An Intermediate Greek Reader
+Review by Eric Cox

2013.12.01 Carlos F. Norena, Imperial Ideals in the Roman West
+Review by Anna Clark

2013.11.07 Joseph E. Skinner, The Invention of Greek Ethnography: from Homer to Herodotus
+Review by Sandra Blakely

2013.11.06 Eilzabeth Heinbach, A Roman Map Workbook: Second Edition
+Review by Michele Valerie Ronnick

2013.11.05 Roy K. Gibson and Ruth Morello, Reading the Letters of Pliny the Younger: An Introduction
+Review by Barbara Weinlich

2013.11.04 Jerry Toner, Roman Disasters
+Review by Herbert W. Benario

2013.11.03 Sarah Nooter, When Heroes Sing: Sophocles and the Shifting Soundscape of Tragedy
+Review by Sheila Murnaghan

2013.11.02 Clare Rowan, Under Divine Auspices: Divine Ideology and the Visualisation of Imperial Power in the Severan Period
+Review by Adam M. Kemezis

2013.11.01 Alan Hughes, Performing Greek Comedy
+Review by G.M. Sifakis

2013.10.08 Lukas Thommen, An Environmental History of Ancient Greece and Rome
+Review by Jeremy McInerney

2013.10.07 Susan C. Shelmerdine, Introduction to Latin. Second Edition
+Review by Betine Van Zyl Smit

2013.10.06 Norman B. Sandridge, Loving Humanity, Learning, and Being Honored. The Foundations of Leadership in Xenophon's Education of Cyrus
+Review by Melina Tamiolaki

2013.10.05 Kathryn Bosher, Theater Outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy
+Review by Eric Csapo

2013.10.04 Christian Touratier, La Fibule de Préneste
+Review by Paul Properzio

2013.10.03 Gregory K. Golden, Crisis Management During the Roman Republic. The Role of Political Institutions in Emergencies
+Review by Saskia T. Roselaar

2013.10.02 Alexander Gurd, Work in Progress: Literary Revision as Social Performance in Ancient Rome
+Review by Martin Bloomer

2013.10.01 Joan Aruz and Elisabetta Valtz Fino, Afghanistan: Forging Civilizations along the Silk Road
+Review by Rachael B. Goldman

2013.09.08 Catherine Ware, Claudian and the Roman Epic Tradition
+Review by E.J. Hutchinson

2013.09.07 Thomas Kohn, The Dramaturgy of Senecan Tragedy
+Review by Emily Wilson

2013.09.06 David Sedley, The Philosophy of Antiochus
+Review by Joseph Mcalhany

2013.09.05 John Parker, Reading Latin Epitaphs: A Handbook for Beginners with Illustrations
+Review by Alana Lukes

2013.09.04 Tim Stover, Epic and Empire in Vespasianic Rome: A New Reading of Balerius Flaccus' Argonautica
+Review by Antony Augoustakis

2013.09.03 D.T. Potts, A Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East.
+Review by Jan P. Stronk

2013.09.02 Jonas Grethlein and Christopher B. Krebs, Time and Narrative in Ancient Historiography: The "Plupast" from Herodotus to Appian
+Review by J.S. Ward

2013.09.01 Martin R. Dinter, Anatomizing Civil War: Studies in Lucan's Epic Technique
+Review by Erica Bexley

2013.08.05 Daneiela Dueck, Geography in Classical Antiquity
+Review by Brian Turner

2013.08.04 Rex Stem, The Political Biographies of Cornelius Nepos
+Review by Jane D. Chaplin

2013.08.03 Stamatia Dova, Greek Heroes in and out of Hades
+Review by Benjamin Sammons

2013.08.03 Mary Jaeger, A Livy Reader: Selections from Ab Urbe Condita
+Review by Darian Marie Totten

2013.08.01 Clifford Ando, Imperial Rome a.d. 193 to 284: The Critical Century
+Review by Patrick Hogan

2013.07.10 J. BERT LOTT, Death and Dynasty in Early Imperial Rome: Key Sources, with Text, Translation, and Commentary.

+Review by B.M. Levick

2013.07.09 PAUL CARTLEDGE, After Thermopylae: The Oath of Plataea and the End of the Graeco-Persian Wars
+Review by Peter Krentz

2013.07.08 CASSANDRA BORGES and C. MICHAEL SAMPSON, New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection: Mythographic Lyric and a Cata-logue of Poetic First Lines
+Review by Silvia Barbantani

2013.07.07 MARY T. BOATWRIGHT, Peoples of the Roman World
+Review by Karen Klaiber Hersch

2013.07.06 PETER W. ROSE, Class in Archaic Greece
+Review by Jonathan M. Hall

2013.07.05 MAURIZIO BETTINI, The Ears of Hermes: Communication, Images, and Identity in the Classical World
+Review by Carrie Mowbray

2013.07.04 MARIE LOUISE VON GLINSKI, Simile and Identity in Ovid�s Metamorphoses
+Review by Erika J. Nesholm

2013.07.03 WILLIAM BROCKLISS, PRAMIT CHAUDHURI, AYELET HAIMSON LUSHKOV, and KATHERINE WASDIN, Reception and the Classics: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Classical Tradition
+Review by Jo-Marie Claassen

2013.07.02 FRANK L. HOLT, Lost World of the Golden King: In Search of Ancient Afghanistan
+Review by Rachel Mairs

2013.07.01 RICHARD TARRANT, Virgil: Aeneid Book XII
+Review by David West

2013.06.12 WILLIAM A.P. CHILDS, JOANNA S. SMITH, and J. MICHAEL PADGETT, City of Gold: The Archaeology of Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus
+Review by Benjamin Costello IV

2013.06.11 DANIEL J. GEAGAN, Inscriptions: The Dedicatory Monuments (Athenian Agora XVIII)
+Review by William S. Morison

2013.06.10 BRICE L. ERICKSON, Crete in Transition: Pottery Styles and Island History in the Archaic and Classical Peri- ods (Hesperia Supplement 45)
+Review by Donald C. Haggis

2013.06.09 MICHAEL WOLFE, Cut These Words into My Stone: Ancient Greek Epitaphs
+Review by Lucia Floridi

2013.06.08 J. RASMUS BRANDT and JON W. IDDENG, Greek and Roman Festivals: Content, Meaning, and Practice
+Review by T. Davina McClain

2013.06.07 RUTH ROTHAUS CASTON, The Elegiac Passion: Jealousy in Roman Love Elegy
+Review by Rebecca Armstrong

2013.06.06 CLAIRE HOLLERAN, Shopping in Ancient Rome: The Retail Trade in the Late Republic and the Principate
+Review by Benedict Lowe

2013.06.05 ROLAND MAYER, Horace: Odes Book I
+Review by Henry V. Bender

2013.06.04 PETER VAN NUFFELEN, Rethinking the Gods: Philosophical Readings of Religion in the Post-Hellenistic Period
+Review by Frederick E. Brenk

2013.06.03 RHIANNON ASH, Tacitus
+Review by Timothy Joseph

2013.06.02 JOHN BRISCOE, A Commentary on Livy Books 41�45
+Review by R. Malcom Errington

2013.06.01 STEPHEN HALLIWELL, Between Ecstasy and Truth: Interpretations of Greek Poetics from Homer to Longinus
+Review by René Nünlist

2013.05.07 VIVIAN NUTTON, Ancient Medicine
+Review by Philippa Lang

2013.05.06 ROCCO SINISGALLI, Perspective in the Visual Culture of Classical Antiquity
+Review by Michael KoortBojian

2013.05.05 GARETH D. WILLIAMS, The Cosmic Viewpoint: A Study of Seneca�s Natural Questions
+Review by Gretchen Reydams-Schils

2013.05.04 BRIAN CAMPBELL, Rivers and the Power of Ancient Rome
+Review by Peter J. Aicher

2013.05.03 SHARON L. JAMES and SHEILA DILLON, A Companion to Women in the Ancient World
+Review by Caitlin C. Gillespie

2013.05.02 NAOÍSE MACSWEENEY, Community Identity and Archaeology: Dynamic Communities in Aphrodisias and Beycesultan
+Review by Christoph Bachhuber

2013.05.01 NIKOS G. CHARALABOPOULOS and RICHARD HUNTER, "Platonic Drama and its Ancient Reception" and "Plato and the Traditions of Ancient Literature: The Silent Stream"
+Review by Ruby Blondell

2013.04.07 JAMES J. CLAUSS and MARTINE CUYPERS, A Companion to Hellenistic Literature
+Review by J. Andrew Foster

2013.04.06 JASON KÖNIG, Saints and Symposiasts: the Literature of Food and the Symposium in Greco-Roman and Early Christian Culture
+Review by Simon Swain

2013.04.05 AMANDA WILCOX, The Gift of Correspondence in Classical Rome: Friendship in Cicero�s Ad Familiares and Seneca�s Moral Epistles
+Review by Yasuko Taoka

2013.04.04 ROBERT A. KASTER, Macrobii Ambrosii Theodosii Saturnalia
+Review by Andrea Balbo

2013.04.03 MARINA BELOZERSKAYA, Medusa�s Gaze: The Extraordinary Journey of the Tazza Farnese
+Review by Duane W. Roller

2013.04.02 ROBERT KNAPP, Invisible Romans
+Review by Sandra R. Joshel

2013.04.01 BENJAMIN ACOSTAHUGHES and SUSAN A. STEPHENS, Callimachus in Context: From Plato to the Augustan Poets
+Review by Marco Fantuzzi

2013.03.11 PETER VAN NUFFELEN, Orosius and the Rhetoric of History
+Review by David Rohrbacher

2013.03.10 ANNA BONIFAZI, Homer�s Versicolored Fabric: The Evocative Power of Ancient Greek Epic Word- Making
+Review by Alexander C. Loney

2013.03.09 ROGER REES, Latin Panegyric
+Review by Eleni Manolaraki

2013.03.08 AMALIA AVRAMIDOU, The Codrus Painter: Iconography and Reception of Athenian Vases in the Age of Pericles
+Review by Judith M. Barringer

2013.03.07 SUSAN E. ALCOCK, JOHN BODEL, and RICHARD J. A. TALBERT, Highways, Byways, and Road Systems in the Pre-Modern World
+Review by Cornelis Van Tilburg

2013.03.06 DEBRA HAMEL, Reading Herodotus: A Guided Tour through the Wild Boars, Dancing Suitors, and Crazy Tyrants of The History
+Review by Emily Baragwanath

2013.03.05 CHRISTOS KREMMYDAS, Commentary on Demosthenes Against Leptines
+Review by Phillip Harding

2013.03.04 ROBERT M. FRAKES, Compiling the Collatio Legum Mosaicarum et Romanarum in Late Antiquity
+Review by Shaun Tougher

2013.03.03 ANASTASSIOS ANTONARAS, Fire and Sand: Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum
+Review by Chloe N. Duckworth

2013.03.02 JEFFREY BENEKER, The Passionate Statesman: Er?s and Politics in Plutarch�s Lives
+Review by Sophia Xenophontos

2013.03.01 MARK L. MCPHERRAN, Plato�s Republic: A Critical Guide
+Review by David Schur

2013.02.12 PAUL POTTER, Hippocrates: Volume X
+Review by Lesley Dean-Jones

2013.02.11 DAVID SANSONE, Greek Drama and the Invention of Rhetoric
+Review by Michael Lloyd

2013.02.10 PAUL RYAN. Introduction by MARY LOUISE GILL., Plato�s Phaedrus: A Commentary for Greek Readers
+Review by Christopher Moore

2013.02.09 EMILY GOWERS, Horace: Satires Book I
+Review by Amy Richlin

2013.02.08 JUDITH FLETCHER, Performing Oaths in Classical Greek Drama
+Review by Edwin Carawan

2013.02.07 CHRISTOPHER STAR, The Empire of the Self: Self-Command and Political Speech in Seneca and Petronius
+Review by Gareth Williams

2013.02.06 CHRISTOPHER A. FARAONE and F. S. NAIDEN, Greek and Roman Animal Sacrifice: Ancient Victims, Modern Observers
+Review by Sara Hitch

2013.02.05 YELENA BARAZ, A Written Republic: Cicero's Philosophical Politics
+Review by Jonathan P. Zarecki

2013.02.04 KATHRYN WELCH., Magnus Pius: Sextus Pompeius and the Transformation of the Roman Republic
+Review by Andrew Lintott

2013.02.03 ANDREW KELLER and STEPHANIE RUSSELL, Learn to Read Greek
+Review by Wilfred E. Major

2013.02.02 Edited by MARJORIE FISHER, PETER LACOVARA, SUE D�AURIA, and SALMA IKRAM, with photographs by CHESTER HIGGINS, JR., Ancient Nubia: African Kingdoms on the Nile
+Review by Giovanni Ruffini

2013.02.01 ALESSANDRO GARCEA, Caesars De Analogia: Edition, Translation, and Commentary
+Review by James E. Zetzel

2013.01.11 HERBERT W. BENARIO, The Romans and Germany: Selections from Tacitus, Caesar, Suetonius, Livy, Velleius Paterculus, Pomponius Mela, Frontinus
+Review by Roger T. MacFarlane

2013.01.10 SARA FORSDYKE, Slaves Tell Tales. And Other Episodes in the Politics of Popular Culture in Ancient Greece.
+Review by Carl A. Anderson

2013.01.09 CLAIRE HOLLERAN and APRIL PUDSEY, Demography and the Graeco-Roman World: New Insights and Approaches
+Review by Marco Maiuro

2013.01.08 JAMES ALLAN EVANS., Daily Life in the Hellenistic Age: From Alexander to Cleopatra
+Review by Thomas R. Keith

2013.01.07 VAYOS LIAPIS, A Commentary on the Rhesus Attributed to Euripides
+Review by Simon Perris

2013.01.06 MICHAEL EWANS, Aristophanes: Acharnians, Knights, and Peace
+Review by Al Duncan

2013.01.05 Translation and Appendices by J. C. YARDLEY, Commentary by PAT WHEATLEY and WALDEMAR HECKEL, Justin: Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompieus Trogus. Volume II: Books 13�15: The Successors to Alexander the Great
+Review by Charles E. Muntz

2013.01.04 IRENE J. F. DE JONG, Homer: Iliad Book XXII
+Review by Jonathan L. Ready

2013.01.03 ESTHER EIDINOW, Luck, Fate and Fortune: Antiquity and its Legacy
+Review by Vasiliki Giannopoulou

2013.01.02 ANDREW MONSON, From the Ptolemies to the Romans: Political and Economic Change in Egypt
+Review by Jane Rowlandson

2013.01.01 STEPHEN RUZICKA, Trouble in the West: Egypt and the Persian Empire 525�332 BCE
+Review by Jan P. Stronk