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15.12.08 The Oxford Handbook of Roman Sculpture
 +Review by Julia C.Fischer
15.12.06 Roman Siege Warfare
 +Review by Lee L. Brice
15.12.05 Foundation Myths in Ancient Societies: Dialogues and Discourses
 +Review by Rebecca Futo Kennedy
15.12.04 Rationalizing Myth in Antiquity
 +Review by C. Robert Phillips III
15.12.01 The Odyssey (translation)
 +Review by David J. White
15.11.11 Roman Girlhood and the Fashioning of Feminity
 +Review by Bartolo Natoli
15.11.10 The Classical Tradition
 +Review by Herbert W. Benario
15.11.08 The Cambridge Companion to Seneca
 +Review by Yasuko Taoka
15.11.07 Pollution and Crisis in Greek Tragedy.
 +Review by Jennifer Starkey
15.11.06 The Origins of Roman London
 +Review by A. Lukes
15.11.05 Plutarch & His Roman Readers
 +Review by Donald Lateiner
15.11.04 Poseidon and the Sea: Myth, Cult and Daily Life
 +Review by Lisa W. Gastrell
15.11.02 Finding Italy: Travel, Colonization, and Nation in Vergil’s Aeneid
 +Review by Elizabeth A. Bartlett
15.11.01 The Urbanisation of Rome and Latium Vetus
 +Review by Ismini Alexandra Miliaresis
15.10.09 New Perspectives on Late Antiquity
 +Review by Francesco Lubian
15.10.08 Xenophon’s Anabasis or The Expedition of Cyrus
 +Review by Patrick J. Bradley
15.10.06 Ovid’s Erotic Poems: Amores and Ars Amatoria
 +Review by Christopher Brunelle
15.10.04 Plato’s Theaetetus as a Second Apology
 +Review by Jacques Bailly
15.10.03 Apuleius and Africa
 +Review by Evelyn Adkins
15.10.01 A Reading of Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura
 +Review by Jason S. Nethercut
15.09.10 The Thebaid of Statius: The Women of Lemnos
 +Review by Thomas R. Keith
15.09.09 A Little Greek Reader
 +Review by John Gruber-Miller
15.09.08 Tacitus, Agricola
 +Review by Herbert W. Benario
15.09.07 Space, Place, and Landscape in Ancient Greek Literature and Culture
 +Review by Clayton Miles Lehmann
15.09.04 Daughters of Hecate: Women and Magic in the Ancient World
 +Review by Krishni Burns
15.09.03 Greek Political Imagery from Homer to Aristotle.
 +Review by Kostas Vlassopoulos
15.09.01 Divination, Prediction and the End of the Roman Republic
 +Review by William E. Klingshirn
15.08.10 Homer in Stone: The Tabulae Ilicae in Their Roman Context
 +Review by Jonathan Burgess
15.08.09 Choral Meditations in Greek Tragedy
 +Review by Lauren Curtis
15.08.08 Ancestral Fault in Ancient Greece
 +Review by Joseph P. Wilson
15.08.07 Homeric Effects in Vergil’s Narrative
 +Review by Alden Smith
15.08.05 Charles Anthon: American Classicist
 +Review by Michele Valerie Ronnick
15.08.02 From Plato to Platonisim
 +Review by Claas Lattman
15.08.01 Patients and Healers in the High Roman Empire
 +Review by Kai Brodersen