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17.10.10 Seneca: Hercules Furens
 +Review by Jo-Ann Shelton
17.10.09 Ten Fairy Tales in Latin
 +Review by David J. White
17.10.07 Authority and Expertise in Ancient Scientific Culture.
 +Review by Courtney Roby
17.10.06 Flavian Epic: Oxford Readings in Classical Studies
 +Review by Dalida Agri
17.10.05 A History of the Jewish War, A.D. 66-74
 +Review by Yaron Eliav
17.10.01 Roman Strigillated Sarcophagi: Art and Social History.
 +Review by Dennis Trout
17.09.10 Classical Myth and Film in the New Millenium
 +Review by Martha J. Payne
17.09.09 Women’s Life in Greece and Rome
 +Review by Elizabeth A. Manwell
17.09.08 STARZ Spartacus: Reimagining an Icon on Screen
 +Review by Aaron Irvin
17.09.07 A Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome.
 +Review by Ágnes Darab
17.09.06 Ovid’s Heroides and the Ethopoeia
 +Review by Lee Fratantuono
17.09.05 Bios Philosophos: Philosophy in Ancient Greek Biography
 +Review by Sean McConnell
17.09.02 The Republican Aventine and Rome’s Social Order
 +Review by Steven L. Tuck
17.09.02 Luxus: The Sumptuous Arts of Greece and Rome
 +Review by Renee M. Gondek
17.09.01 Greek Art and Archaeology c. 1200-30BC
 +Review by Henry Bender
17.08.09 A Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome
 +Review by Leo Landrey
17.08.07 The Hills of Rome: Signature of an Eternal City.
 +Review by Lee Fratantuono
17.08.05 The Serpent Column: A Cultural Biography.
 +Review by Michele Valerie Ronnick
17.08.04 Enmity and Feuding in Classical Athens
 +Review by Greg Anderson
17.08.03 The Aethiopis: Neo-Neoanalysis Reanalyzed
 +Review by Ruth Scodel
17.08.02 Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders
 +Review by Christopher S. Dobbs
17.07.12 Sophist Kings: Persians as Other in Herodotus.
 +Review by Susan O. Shapiro
17.07.10 Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World
 +Review by Renee M. Gondek
17.07.08 Juvenal and the Satiric Emotions
 +Review by Barbara K. Gold
17.07.05 Virgil's Ascanius: Imagining the Future in the Aeneid.
 +Review by Neil W. Bernsteain
17.07.04 Polycrates, Tyrant of Samos: New Light on Archaic Greece
 +Review by Anthony J. Papalas
17.07.03 Linguistic Interaction in Roman Comedy
 +Review by Ariana Traill
17.07.01 Euripides’s Revolution under Cover: An Essay.
 +Review by James F. Johnson
17.06.11 Anaximander. A Re-assessment.
 +Review by Andre Laks
17.06.10 Classical Traditions in Science Fiction
 +Review by Debbie Felton
17.06.08 Roman Theories of Translation: Surpassing the Source
 +Review by Christodoulos Zekas
17.06.06 Commanders & Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire
 +Review by Everett L. Wheeler