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16.10.10 The Architecture of the Ancient Greek Theatre
 +Review by Dylan Kelby Rogers
16.10.08 Aristotle on the Nature of Community
 +Review by Thornton Lockwood
16.10.06 The Moving City: Processions, Passages and Promenades in Ancient Rome
 +Review by Jennifer Ferriss-Hill
16.10.05 The Structure and Performance of Euripides’ Helen
 +Review by Rosa Andújar
16.10.04 Seneca: Oedipus
 +Review by Betine Van Zyl Smit
16.10.03 Dream, Fantasy, and Visual Art in Roman Elegy.
 +Review by Carole E. Newlands
16.10.02 Asiatics in Middle Kingdom Egypt: Perceptions and Realit
 +Review by Jan P. Stronk
16.09.23 The Greek Epic Cycle and its Ancient Reception: A Companion
 +Review by C. Robert Phillips III
16.09.11 State Power in Ancient China & Rome
 +Review by Aaron W. Irwin
16.09.04 Roman Reflections: Studies in Latin Philosophy
 +Review by Robert E. Hedrick, III
16.09.01 Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World.
 +Review by Jason Nethercut
16.08.11 Theodora: Actress, Empress, Saint.
16.08.09 The Trojan Wars and the Making of the Modern World
 +Review by Nicholas Kauffman
16.08.08 Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks
 +Review by Lee L. Brice
16.08.07 Archaic and Classical Greek Sicily: A Social and Economic History
 +Review by Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver
16.08.06 Brill’s Companion to Roman Tragedy
 +Review by Christopher Trinacty
16.08.05 Shared Storytelling in Euripidean Stichomythia
 +Review by David J. Jacobson
16.08.03 Lucan: Civil War
 +Review by Stephen M. kershner
16.08.01 The Pantheon: From Antiquity to the Present
 +Review by Mark D. Hammond
16.07.10 Classical Commentaries: Explorations in a Scholarly Genre.
 +Review by Lee Fratantuono
16.07.08 Athenian Comedy in the Roman Empire
 +Review by Christopher Bungard
16.07.07 Beyond Greek: The Beginnings of Latin Literature
 +Review by James J. Clauss
16.07.06 Portraits of the Vestal Virgins, Priestesses of Rome.
 +Review by Alana Lukes
16.07.05 The Romance Between Greece and the East.
 +Review by Andrew G. Nichols
16.07.04 Saint Aldhelm’s Riddles
 +Review by David Petrain
16.07.03 Tragic Modernities
 +Review by Holly Haynes
16.07.02 Arminius the Liberator: Myth and Ideology
 +Review by Herbert W. Benario
16.06.11 Thomas E. Jenkins
 +Review by Clayton Miles Lehmann
16.06.10 Love and Providence: Recognition in the Ancient Novel
 +Review by R. Bracht Branham
16.06.09 Rome, Season Two: Trial and Triumph
 +Review by Suzanne Sharland
16.06.06 Senecan Tragedy and the Reception of Augustan Poetry
 +Review by Emily Wilson