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 +Review by Dominic Machado
18.06.08 Gift and Gain: How Money Transformed Ancient Rome
 +Review by David Hollander
18.06.06 Lucy Shipley
 +Review by Sinclair Bell
18.06.04 The Gentle, Jealous God: Reading Euripides’ Bacchae in English
 +Review by Hilary J. C. Lehmann
18.06.03 From Byzantium to Italy: Greek Studies in the Italian Renaissance
 +Review by Valerio Caldesi Valeri
18.06.02 Polybius Book I, A Commentary
 +Review by Regina M. Loehr
18.06.01 The Cup of Song: Studies on Poetry and the Symposion
 +Review by Hans Jorgen Hansen
18.05.31 Ancient Egyptian Scribes: A Cultural Exploration.
 +Review by Eleni Hall Manolaraki
18.05.09 Seneca Thyestes
 +Review by Betine Van Zyl Smit
18.05.08 The Ancient Emotion of Disgust
 +Review by Teresa Danze
18.05.05 Greek Tragic Women on Shakespearean Stages
 +Review by Fred Franko
18.05.04 Democracy in Classical Athens
 +Review by Naomi T. Campa
18.05.03 Classics, The Culture Wars, and Beyond
 +Review by Bruce A. McMenomy
18.04.30 Melania: Early Christianity Through the Life of One Family
 +Review by W. Trent Foley
18.04.10 Athens Burning
 +Review by David W. Madsen
18.04.09 Dissonance: Auditory Aesthetics in Ancient Greece
 +Review by Taylor Coughlan
18.04.05 The Tyrant-Slayers of Ancient Athens: A Tale of Two Statues
 +Review by Michele Valerie Ronnick
18.04.04 Literary History in the Parian Marble
 +Review by Enrico Emanuele Prodi
18.04.03 Antiquities: What Everyone Needs to Know
 +Review by Alana Lukes
18.04.02 Disability in Antiquity
 +Review by Heidei DeBaerdemaeker-Poole
18.04.01 Ancient Law, Ancient Society
 +Review by Anthony Smart
18.03.10 Cremation and the Archaeology of Death
 +Review by Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver
18.03.02 The Barbarians, Lost Civilizations.
 +Review by Anthony Smart
18.03.01 Classical Myth in Four Films of Alfred Hitchcock
 +Review by Dimitri Van Limbergen
18.02.10 The Sublime in Antiquity
 +Review by John Henkel
18.02.05 Lucius Annaeus Seneca: The Complete Tragedies Vol I.
 +Review by Timothy Wutrich
18.02.03 Latin to GCSE Parts I and II
 +Review by Eric Andrew Cox
18.02.02 Prudentius and the Landscapes of Late Antiquity
 +Review by Giampiero Scafoglio