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14.04.04 Roman Literary Culture: From Plautus to Macrobius
 +Review by Patrick Paul Hogan
14.04.02 Absolute Constructions in Early Indo-European
 +Review by D.M. Goldstein
14.03.10 A Commentary on Silius Italicus' Punica 7
 +Review by Alison Keith
14.03.09 Status in Classical Athens
 +Review by Peter Liddel
14.03.07 Libertas and the Practice of Politics in the Late Roman Republic
 +Review by Robert Morstein-Marx
14.03.06 Tragedy and Archaic Greek Thought
 +Review by Justina Gregory
14.03.05 Gendering Time in Augustan Love Elegy
 +Review by Sara H. Lindheim
14.03.02 Forms of Greek Plays: From Aeschylus to Aristophanes
 +Review by Wilfred E. Major
14.03.01 The Prince of Medicine: Galen in the Roman Empire
 +Review by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin
14.02.08 Homer's Odyssey and the Near East
 +Review by David Branscome
14.02.08 When the Gods Were Born: Greek Cosmogonies and the Near East
 +Review by David Branscome
14.02.07 The Plays of Hrotswitha of Gandersheim: Bilingual Edition
 +Review by Jonathan Davis-Secord
14.02.05 The Oxford Handbook of Roman Egypt
 +Review by John Bauschatz
14.02.04 The Oxford Handbook of Warfare in the Classical World
 +Review by Everett L. Wheeler
14.02.02 Isthmia Volume IX. The Roman and Byzantine Graves and Human Remains
 +Review by Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver
14.01.07 Scylla: Myth, Metaphor, Paradox
 +Review by Eric Dodson-Robinson
14.01.06 The Women of Pliny's Letters
 +Review by Molly M. Pryzwansky
14.01.05 Milton and the Metamorphosis of Ovid
 +Review by R. Clinton Simms
14.01.04 How to Read a Latin Poem If You Can't Read Latin Yet
 +Review by Ronnie Ancona
14.01.03 Child Emperor Rule in the Late Roman West, AD 367-455
 +Review by Alan J. Ross
14.01.02 Men of Bronze: Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece
 +Review by Robin Osborne
14.01.01 The Classical Cookbook
 +Review by Marianthe Colakis
12.09.12 Horace's Iambic Criticism: Casting Blame (Iambike Poesis)
 +Review by Erika Zimmerman Damer
10.12.02 Ancient Warfare: Introducing Current Research
 +Review by Lee L. Brice